Law grads arrested in Brazil over insurance fraud

A round the world trip for two UK law graduates has ended in disaster after the duo were arrested in Brazil over an alleged insurance claim.

Shanti Andrews and Rebecca Turner, who graduated from the University of Sussex in 2007, are reported to have told police they had been robbed on a bus journey to Rio de Janeiro and had lost possessions including a camera and laptop, together worth £1,300. The items were later found by the police in the girls’ hostel, it was reported.

Andrews’ mother Simone Hedley who was expecting her daughter home this week told BBC news that Andrews was in tears after spending two nights in a Rio prison. The pair are now expected to be transferred to a women’s jail.

She added: “I know Shanti to be a very hardworking and honest person. As is Rebecca. They have never been in trouble before. I just hope the Brazilian authorities show some leniency.”

If found guilty Andrews and Turner could face a jail term of up to five years.