Law firms urged to give special consideration to Nottingham students

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Nottingham Law School Letter - .PDF file.

The directors of the School of Law at the University of Nottingham have asked law firms to give further consideration to vacation scheme and training contract “applicants from the University of Nottingham even where their grades do not meet the upper second class threshold”.

In a letter to law firms head of school Professor Stephen Bailey and co-directors of undergraduate studies Professor Nigel Gravells and Professor Peter Cartwright stated: “some of our students face difficulties when applying to vacation schemes and training contracts because they do not meet the increasingly common initial threshold of upper second class marks in their first year assessments”.

The three drew attention to the gap between first year and second year marks in law of contract and law of tort modules, emphasising that the law school “endeavours to maintain standards in all of its modules… As a result, the marks awarded to our students in their first year modules are often lower than the required upper second class.

“However, it is our firmly held view that the knowledge and skills that our students develop during the course of these modules provides them with the grounding to mature as well-rounded learners who can go on to graduate with first class and upper second class degrees at the end of their studies.”

The letter, dated yesterday, invites the recipients of the letter to contact the school if they wish to discuss any of the issues in more detail.

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