Law bucks optimistic trend as graduate vacancies plummet

Law firms have predicted a fall of 4.2 per cent in graduate vacancies, contrasting with the nationwide trend of an uptick in the numbers of graduate level jobs available.

The legal profession was only of only two sectors to predict a fall in entry-level numbers. The other was investment banking, which envisioned a 1.2 per cent drop.

In contrast, the research by the Association of Graduate Recruiters showed that the IT and telecoms sector predicted a 40.3 per cent rise in vacancies while the public sector anticipated that 20.1 per cent more jobs would be available.  

Accountancy firms predicted a 12.2 per cent uptick while the retail and fast moving consumer goods sectors foresaw the smallest rises with 2.7 per cent and 2 per cent respectively.

The research measures recruitment seasons in each industry, rather than calendar years.  

Overall, across all sectors graduate vacancies are expected to rise by 10.2 per cent over 2013/14. Graduate vacancies also grew during the 2012/13 period, by 4.3 per cent.

The legal profession was also the least likely to offer job opportunities to school leavers. Of all legal recruiters who responded to the survey, 32.6 per cent said that they offered school leaver roles.

The next lowest sector was consulting and business services (45.5 per cent) while the highest was transport and logistics (87.5 per cent). In the banking and financial services sector, 76.9 per cent of employers recruited school leavers while 77.8 per cent of accountants did so.