Keele and Hertfordshire shut down their GDLs

Keele University and the University of Hertfordshire have closed their Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) courses.

Keele said that the closure was due to refocusing its strategy around research-led programmes while Hertfordshire did not comment on the rationale behind its decision.

The two are not the first universities to close postgraduate courses in recent years. Last year Anglia Ruskin and Plymouth decided to close Legal Practice Courses (LPCs) while the National College of Legal Training cancelled both the GDL and LPC in May. All four closures were due to lack of students.

Keele University law school head Andrew Francis said: “The School of Law has withdrawn its GDL programme in order to strengthen its strategic focus upon its high quality research-led undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Keele University
Keele University

“The school’s commitment to an outward facing legal education, in its 50th year, remains the highest priority, and all students are supported in realising their ambitions to enter the legal profession through innovative programmes such as the CLOCK scheme, which was designed and is led by the School of Law at Keele.”

CLOCK is a legal outreach initiative to help combat Legal Aid cuts by providing unrepresented litigants with practical assistance through the legal process.

The University of Hertfordshire had not responded to requests for comment at the time this story went to press.


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