Kaplan unveils scholarships to mark BVC launch

Kaplan Law School has announced it will be introducing two scholarships for hard up and talented students wishing to study its new Bar Vocational Course (BVC) next year.

Kaplan, the London arm of Nottingham Law School, announced it would be launching a new course for aspiring barristers, with an initial intake of 60 students from Autumn 2010 when the BVC will be replaced with the Bar Professional Training Course.

But candidates who are short listed from the admissions test it proposes to introduce to gain entry onto the course will be invited to apply for Kaplan Law School Bar Scholarships.

James Wakefield, who will be heading Kaplan’s BVC, said: “By having these scholarships we aim to attract and support students who are already keen advocates.  Advocacy is such fun and we’re setting up a course where there’ll be every opportunity for talented people to practice their skills.”

The main award the school plans to hand out is for £7,500 called the Bar Master/Mistress of Moots Scholarship.

Kaplan has said it will give the award to a candidate who can demonstrate a track record in organising and leading to success student activity in mooting, debating or advocacy.

But in return for the pay-out the student will have to organise and lead Kaplan’s student advocacy programme.

The second £2,5000 award, called the Bar Advocacy Scholarship, will be handed out to at least six students with a proven track record as an advocate.

Applicants will have to give examples of any mooting, debating, pro bono work or public speaking they have taken part in.

The news comes after Kaplan Law School sparked controversy by announcing it would be introducing an admissions test just weeks after the Bar Standards Board (BSB) delayed its plans to introduce a compulsory nationwide aptitude test for entry onto the BVC until 2010.