Kaplan BPTC students storm into pupillages

Kaplan Law School is set to double the national average pupillage success rate with its first intake of Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) students.

James Wakefield

James Wakefield

Despite the Bar Council’s national average for the proportion of BPTC students attaining pupillage sitting at only 25 per cent, the law school has achieved 46 per cent for its 2010-11 aspiring barristers.

Course director James Wakefield said: “I’m really pleased that our ­students have done so well, knowing what a bright group they are. And from my many years’ experience ­leading bar courses I would only expect this figure to climb over the coming year.“It is realistic to hope that after the next Pupillage Portal round the proportion could reach something like 60 per cent.”

Kaplan, the London arm of ­Nottingham Law School, launched its BPTC just last year, introducing a rigorous application process that requires applicants to undertake an interview, an oral advocacy exercise and a written test.

Rival law school the College of Law revealed a pupillage rate of 28 per cent for 2010-11. BPP Law School and the City Law School have not revealed their figures.