Kaplan BPTC students gaining pupillages hits 55%

Kaplan Law School’s Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) student to pupillage rate has risen to 55 per cent for the last academic year.

The previous year, the law school secured a 46 per cent success rate for its first intake while the Bar Council’s national average sat at 25 per cent.

Course director James Wakefield said: “This year 55 per cent of our bar students obtained pupillage. We are very proud of them; they are a bright bunch who worked really hard. I have high hopes that even more of them will obtain pupillage in the coming year.”

Kaplan, which started offering the BPTC last year, subjects its BPTC students to rigorous testing during the application process including an interview, a written test and advocacy exercises.

This follows the news that the Legal Services Board has given the green light to the introduction of the controversial Bar Course Aptitude Test for aspiring barristers. (25 July 2012)