Joshua Stylianou, Leicester University

How many members do you have and do you admit non-law students?

We have about 1,000 members. Leicester’s law society is one of the biggest societies on campus and it is constantly growing. Many of the members are law students but non-law students at Leicester are also welcome to join the society.

How many people are on the law society committee?

There are 18 of us.

How much time do you dedicate to the society?

I spend around two to three hours each day on the society.

What is your main aim for the society?

My aim is to make the University of Leicester law society the best society on campus. I want our members to feel proud about being a member.

I want to go about this by offering more trips, talks, socials, competitions and above all opportunities to boost their CVs so they can become as employable as they possibly can. We want to build bridges with top law firms so that our members have greater access to these employers. We are also keen to forge links with other law schools which offer postgraduate courses as both employers and law schools are key in the formation of our members’ futures.Value for money is also at the top of my agenda. 

What are the challenges you face as president of the law society?

Involvement is the main issue for me. To be in a society means to be involved, otherwise it cannot improve and evolve.

Although we have 1,000 members, we have trouble keeping track of how many of them are active. Without knowing how many active members are in the society it makes it much harder for the society to pitch to law firms and law schools for sponsorships.

What events do you hold?

We hold social and sporting events and run competitions. Social events are usually the most popular so I want to persuade members to become more active by hosting constant social events.