Job applicant sends Haribo-filled CV to Slaughter and May, gets interview

An enterprising job applicant has landed an interview with elite firm Slaughter and May after enclosing mini-packets of Haribo with their CV.

Their covering letter is addressed to “Secretary of Ms Anderson,” the firm’s head of marketing. The applicant apologies for not addressing the secretary by name, saying: “I did try to find out but I was unable to. Google was no help either. I’m sure you have a lovely name though.”

“By now, you will have noticed the two packets of Haribo taped below. They are for you. You can share them with your colleagues if you wish but I wouldn’t if I were you – they’re only little. The reason there are two packets is because after consuming one, you always want another.”

“The packets are for you for ensuring that the attached letter reachers Ms Anderson’s desk. If you’re unable to guarantee that, you can have the packets anyway for taking the time to read this letter. I would recommend that you eat the Tangfastics packet after the Starmix packet, because otherwise the sourness of the former will not allow you to savour the real sweetness of the latter. Enjoy!”

Anderson posted the letter on LinkedIn with the comment: “This is how to send your CV in and get it noticed. High fives to knowing who the gatekeepers are and getting this onto my desk. And now for the interview…”

The post has since gone viral on LinkedIn, with mixed response.

“Interesting that this kind of bribe is considered cute,” wrote one commenter.

“Can’t be bothered to research so stick a bag of sweet on the CV – genius,” added another.

But, “I’m not sure how €0.50 candy packs might ever be considered as bribe,” argued a further commentator. “They are a kindly and sweet gesture.”

“Far better reading than a CV and shows real innovation and creativity, good luck whoever you are,” agreed another.

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