Joanna Lumley and Simon Callow lend voices to awareness cartoon where legal aid superheroes fight villainous Grayling

Joanna Lumley and Simon Callow have lent their voices to an animation highlighting the effects of austerity cuts on access to justice.

’The Legal Aid Team’ is a six-minute video in which legal aid lawyers battle Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling in the guise of a stereotypical cackling supervillain, as he implements his Cuts Reform Action Plan (CRAP).

The video details the cuts that have been made to the legal aid system and Judicial Review, and highlights the fact that legal aid lawyers earn around £25,000 a year, less than nurses or teachers. It envisions a future Britain where robotic lawyers at megafirms refuse to represent vulnerable citizens beacuse their fees may never get paid.

The animation ends with a call to action for the British people to vote to save legal aid at the next election, with brief details on where the major parties stand on stopping the cuts. 

Among the actors lending their voices to the animation were Joanna Lumley, Richard Wilson, Paterson Joseph and Simon Callow.

Callow said: “Legal aid is an indispensable feature of a civilised and democratic society, guaranteeing the availability of justice to all. When money and the law are in cahoots, we are all the losers.” 

The whole video can be viewed at