Irwin Mitchell and Eversheds reveal retention rates

Irwin Mitchell and Eversheds have announced retention rates of 80 per cent and 84.5 per cent respectively.

Irwin Mitchell will retain 36 of 45 trainees in newly-qualified (NQ) role, a rise from this time last year when the top 20 firm kept on 30 of 40 trainees.

Eversheds, meanwhile, has revealed that it will retain 84.5 per cent of its qualifying trainees, keeping on 38 of 45 in an NQ capacity. Eighteen trainees will work in the corporate and commercial group, 16 will be employed in the litigation group, five will head to real estate and four to the firm’s human resources practice area. One trainee will work in the firm’s Hong Kong office and another is expected to work in the Doha office.

The firm has had high retention over recent years. It kept on all seven of its small spring intake this year and last autumn announced a rate of 84 per cent, keeping on 64 of 76 trainees in NQ roles.

Angus McGregor, HR director at Eversheds, said: “We congratulate our newly qualified lawyers who, after two years’ training at the firm, have shown both technical and commercial excellence.

“Our training contract is designed to extend the experience and skill sets of junior lawyers across multiple industries and sectors, preparing them for the modern legal world.”