International Association of Young Lawyers focuses growth outside of Europe

The International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) is set to expand outside Europe in a move to capitalise on recent growth.

The historically European-centric group is to meet in Buenos Aires for its next annual conference in September. At its Helsinki biannual conference on employment law and arbitration, presidential members highlighted the association’s international outlook.

President Thierry Aballéa said that the group believed that “future growth lies outside of Europe” while Henna Kinnunen, president of the Helsinki Organising Committee, added: “It is true that we are a more Europe-based organisation in terms of membership with an emphasis on European law, but AIJAʼs future is much wider than Europe.”

AIJA has grown by around 1,200 members since 2009 and around 30 per cent of members are currently non-European.

AIJA association manager Giuseppe Marletta said: “AIJA has focused a lot on the American continent for the last years and that’s where our membership has grown more significantly in recent years.

“While continuing our membership campaigns worldwide, we notice an increasing interest in Asia. AIJA has been recently present in Singapore, Japan and South Korea – definitely an interesting market for us.”

The association chose to base its forthcoming conference in Argentina as South America has been a key area of expansion in recent years. In 2015, AIJA will come to London.