Human Rights Lawyers Association launches bursary scheme

Five bursaries of up to £1,000 to fund internships with human rights organisations are up for grabs, the Human Rights Lawyers Association (HRLA) announced this week.

The bursaries, which were established in 2006, are to ensure that those without independent financial backing are still able to take up internships or work placements in the area of human rights law.

They are available to those currently studying at degree or postgraduate level, on vocational training such as the Legal Practice Course or Bar Vocational Course, or to those who have recently graduated in law.

The HRLA will provide around five awards from a maximum bursary fund totaling £6,000. Single awards do not normally total more than £1,000, and are valid for 12 months.

Applicants must demonstrate that they are committed to practising as a human rights lawyer or to finding employment in the UK in the human rights field in the future to qualify for the awards.

Meanwhile, following the success of the HRLA’s student event to provide practical advice and tips for those interested in a career in human rights law, the HRLA in conjunction with the Law Society is running the first of two events for students for 2010.

The first event will be held in Leeds on Monday 8 March at Leeds University’s Student Union. The London event will be happening in May 2010 but details of a venue have not yet been confirmed.

Application forms and further information on the careers event can be obtained from HRLAs website: , and the deadline for bursary applications is 2 May.