Human right that Brits value most revealed

A YouGov study has looked into which human rights are most values by people in eight different countries.

The polling organisation identified thirty rights and asked people from the USA and seven European nations to pick the most important.

Adults in the UK said the right to vote was the most important human right, a sentiment matched by France, Sweden, Finland and Norway

However, people in the USA, Germany and Denmark said the right to free speech was paramount.

The right to a fair trial was the second-most important human right for Britons, followed by the right to free or low cost healthcare.

The study revealed some interesting discrepancies between the countries examined.

The French value the right to have a job and the right to protest against government far more than citizens in the other seven countries. They are also most supportive of the right to die. However, they place least value of all eight countries on the right to live free from discrimination

The British only placed the right to privacy as their eleventh-most valued right, while the Americans and Germans both placed it second. People in Britain also value the freedom to communicate without surveillance much less than in the seven other other countries surveyed.

Reflecting their constitution, Americans value freedom of religion, the freedom to own property and the freedom to own a gun far more than any other country. However, the right to have a job, unionise or have an old age pension are much lower on Americans’ list of priorities than other nations.

The British top 10

66% Right to vote
61% Fair trial if charged
61% Free or low cost healthcare
60% Roam without fear of attack
57% Free school education for children
54% Live free from discrimination
52% Free speech
50% Basic pension for old people
41% Minimum wage in work
39% End own life if suffering illness

Source: YouGov. Percentage of adults in each country who say each right is most important out of a choice of five.