How do firms views LLMs in Professional Legal Practice?

I am currently completing my LPC at the College of Law and intend to undertake an LLM. However, I am unsure of whether law firms generally regard LLM in Professional Legal Practice (LLM top-up) as more credible than the LLM in Law offered by universities. Which LLM would be more advantageous and highly regarded for legal practice?

<i>An applicant’s academic record forms a key part of any training contract application. However, our decisions are not influenced by the university/law school a candidate has attended or the course they have studied. We instead place emphasis on academic performance at high school and university and look carefully at the breakdown of grades achieved. Given most firms academic criteria focus on high school and degree performance, it is unlikely that an LLM in any guise would significantly increase your chances of securing a training contract. If your rationale for undertaking the course is primarily to strengthen
your training contract applications you may want to think seriously around whether this would be a worthwhile investment. If your motivation is instead driven by an interest in a particular area of law (for instance competition or Public International law) I would recommend that you conduct research into the courses available in order to establish which best meets your needs.</i>