How can BVC students persuade firms to offer them a place on a vac scheme?

Would-be barristers are often advised to undertake vac schemes at top solicitors firms to show that they have explored their options and that they will ultimately ‘know their client’ As a student currently on the BVC – how would it be possible to persuade a top firm to give me a place on a vac scheme?

<i>Vacation schemes provide excellent first-hand experience of life as a solicitor, and can be particularly beneficial to those who have yet to decide whether to become a solicitor or barrister. However, it would potentially be quite a challenge for a would-be barrister to gain a vacation placement with a top City firm. The majority of City firms (ourselves included) aim to ensure that successful vacation scheme applicants demonstrate a genuine interest in a career as a solicitor. In return, we invest a great deal of resource into the scheme, ensuring it provides live experience and the opportunity to meet a broad range of our people. It is very unlikely that we would opt to offer a vacation scheme to someone who had already chosen an alternative career path, as we would not see a direct return on this investment.</i>