Half of lawyers wish they’d chosen a different career

Half of lawyers wish they had chosen a different career, a survey has found.

Over 800 lawyers and students were quizzed about their decision to enter the profession by the consumer website MoneyMagpie

Some 35 per cent said the profession or their studies was ‘exactly what I expected and hoped for’, while the rest said it did not live up to their initial expectations, with 14 per cent saying the reality was a “world away.”

More than half of those surveyed said their decision to enter the profession was influenced by parents, and almost one-third felt pressurised to the point of having ‘no other choice’.

Only 13 per cent said they had wanted to be a lawyer since they were a child.

TV legal dramas play a significant part in inspiring people to join the profession, with nearly a quarter of respondants saying they were influenced by television. However, 97 per cent listed the prosepect of high salaries and nearly half cited “making a difference” as their inspiration.