Habeas corpses: lawyers have the most expensive funerals

Lawyers have the most expensive funerals, a new study has revealed.

Perfectchoicefunerals.com polled adults who had organised a funeral for a friend or family member in the last five years.

Participants were asked what the total funeral costs for their friend or relative had been. The national average, according to the Money Advice service, is £3,600

The survey then asked all respondents who said the funeral cost was above the national average what the main sector that their friend or family member who passed away had worked in during their lifetime.

Those who had a legal career were revealed to have the most expensive funerals. Some 15% of those whose funeral cost was above the national average worked in the sector in their lifetime.

Those who worked in the health sector had the next most expensive funerals, followed by those who had military careers.