Go Set a Watchman’s words of wisdom for lawyers

Go Set a Watchman was released today.

Its predecessor, To Kill a Mockingbird, is a favourite among the legal profession thanks to strong moral message and its portrayal of the ideal lawyer in Atticus Finch.

No wonder there was outcry when it was announced than Michael Gove, in his previous job as education secretary, wanted to axe the book from the GCSE syllabus.

Watchman was written before Mockingbird was published but hasn’t been released for the world to see until now. The themes Harper Lee writes about, however, are timeless. Here are a few words of wisdom from the book that young lawyers can still agree with today.

No spoilers below!

What you learn in law school isn’t always helpful

Watchman 2

The classic trainee discovery: what you enjoy on the LPC isn’t always what you enjoy on the job. 

Keep it simple

watchman 3

Legal writing doesn’t have to be incomprehensible.

In law and in life, integrity is everything

watchman 3b

Engaging in strategic games to get ahead may deliver results in the legal profession – but ultimately playing it straight will gain you more respect.