Generation Y lawyers less proud of their employers but more able to achieve work/life balance

Young lawyers are less satisfied and feel less pride in their jobs than their more senior counterparts, research by the Law Society has revealed.

Just over two thirds (67 per cent) of lawyers aged 55 or over felt satisfied with their careers, compared to 59 per cent of millennials, the organisation found, in a career satisfaction report which surveyed around 350 lawyers from across the solicitors profession. However, both results came in higher than the UK’s overall workforce, of which only half feels satisfied.

Millennials were also less likely to feel proud to work for their organisation (67 per cent) than over 55s (83 per cent) and were more likely to move roles in the next 12 months than the overall body of respondents (35 per cent compared to 26 per cent). The Law Society also found that millennials were less likely to believe that the outside world viewed their organisation positively.

Millennials have a better deal than their older counterparts when it came to work/life balance and being able to take time off. Nearly 7 of every 10 millennials (68 per cent) felt that they were able to achieve a work/life balance, compared to just half of over 55s. Again, 79 per cent of millennials were able to take time off when they needed to, compared to 64 per cent of over 55s.


The survey also found that women found achieving a work/life balance more difficult than men, 34 per cent compared to 24 per cent. This contrasts with the general picture across the working population, in which 28 per cent of men struggle to find balance compared to 22 per cent of women.

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