From the archives: 2008 – Trainees can’t spell, says SRA

Back in September 2008 the world was going through economic turmoil. Lehman Brothers had just collapsed and over the next few months law firms would begin to make the first of thousands of redundancies.

So when the SRA director of regulatory standards said LPC students should be forced to take a foundation course in English because trainees’ written skills were so bad, the call went largely unheeded, though outspoken then-chief executive of the College of Law, Nigel Savage, found time to call it “batty.”

Perhaps the profession should have taken greater heed, however. Lawyer 2B was at an event only last week in which a law school head said that firms often complain about their trainees’ legal writing skills not being up to scratch. And all the usual spelling errors still crop up on application forms. Maybe the training shake-up currently taking place needs an English language component worked into it…?

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