From the archives: 1992 – Firms don’t think women would want career breaks

“City firms do not anticipate any demand for career breaks from women staff in the future,” and providing nurseries in law firms would be “too expensive” says this article from a May 1992 issue of The Lawyer.

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A survey found that only 13 per cent of firms had initiatives in place for retraining staff after a long absence from work. “City solicitors tend to be high-powered and well paid. I would imagine they want to get back to work and are able to afford nannies,” the then Law Society deputy head of communications, Jonathan Goldsmith, said at the time.

At the same time, Bristol Law Society recommended against nurseries be provided in law firms as “it was felt that it would be far too expensive.”

Goldsmith has been proven wrong about career breaks in the last 25 years: read our interview with Top Right general counsel Nilema Bhakta-Jones, who took one herself.