Former trainee cooks up own business

A former Wragge & Co trainee solicitor has hung up her suit in favour of an apron after bravely deciding to turn her baking hobby into a career.

Rebecca Chitty (pictured above) left Wragges in March 2011 and used her knowledge of working in a busy Birmingham office to find a niche in the market to launch her cake making business, Chitty Cake Company, deciding to target busy working people.

Chitty said: “Life is just too short to go on a path when you’re not entirely happy with it, even if it means starting from scratch. I decided to go for it being young, and at an age where I am prepared for it to all to go wrong.

“It was a big decision and I only reached it in my final seat at that point I had to make the decision whether I was going to apply for a job. When I told people at Wragges, there were really mixed reactions, some saying it was fantastic and others saying I was mad.”

Chitty, who studied at the College of Law, explained that she found the reality of a training contract to be very different from the picture painted in graduate recruitment literature.

She added: “Seeing my life ahead of me, the time it would take me to get to a point where I owned a share of a company, it just seemed a very, very long time. You just have to love, live and breathe it, especially when you have clients calling you in the middle of the night.”

“The best thing about having my own business is knowing that absolutely every bit of work I do is for me, it is an investment in my future.”

Despite this, she admits that she misses some aspects of the lifestyle of being a trainee solicitor, especially the social side now that she works, for the most part, independently. Her ambition is to establish herself in the local business market and secure shop premises in Birmingham city centre. Following this she hopes to open a few shops around the Midlands with the same ethos and target market.