Former Kaplan chief resurfaces to establish a Roehampton Uni law school

The University of Roehampton is establishing a law school, which will recruit its first LLB students for a 2015 start.

The South London-based university has existing human rights and criminology courses within its social sciences department but has not had a law faculty until now. It plans to recruit around 60 LLB students each year, starting with a target of around 30-40 students in 2015, and working up. 

A five-year plan will also see it launch a variety of LLMs, focusing on areas such as commercial law, human rights and criminology.

The university has recruited Kaplan’s former head of school Giles Proctor to establish its law offering. The two institutions had considered a partnership, which may yet emerge in the future, but for now Roehampton will focus its efforts on establishing its own school.

Proctor said: “This was a golden opportunity for me to design a whole programme from scratch. Roehampton has a very strong employability agenda, which is where I come in.

“That is my take on law – that it needs to be taught as it will be practised. The course will still be strong on academics but it is how you teach the academic side of things, how you bring the law to life.”

The LLB will contain a Law in Practice stream, which will run for three years alongside the degree and will feature visiting practitioners, as well as other professionals who use law in their jobs but who are not practising solicitors or barristers.

A pro bono clinic and a work experience programme placing students within law firms and professional services firms will complement the LLB.

Proctor established Kaplan Law School in 2007 and was head of the school for some years. He then moved to another area within the organisation before being appointed interim head of school. Kaplan made headlines last month when it decided to shut down its BPTC, blaming the economics of the course for its decision, and referring already enrolled 2014 students to the University of Law and Nottingham Trent University (2 May 2014).