Fees rise at BPP as battle for higher education hots up

BPP University College has hiked the cost of its two-year law degree (LLB) by an eye-watering 86 per cent.

The private university will charge a total of £12,000 for its two-year LLB from Setember 2012 while tuition fees for the three-year degree will be increased to £5,000 per year. The institution currently charges £3,225 per year for all its undergraduate courses.

BPP Law School chief executive Peter Crisp said: “We don’t operate in isolation and have to respond to what is happening in the higher education market. I think it is very important that we recognise the challenge facing students in higher education today. We have designed our courses to give students a head start in their career and need to ensure that when they leave their debt is manageable.”

Crisp added that the higher cost of the two-year degree compared to the three-year alternative is due to the resource implication it has on BPP with the course running over the summer.

Despite the increase BBP’s tuition fees will remain lower than the £9,000 per year rival College of Law plans to charge for its two-year LLB when it is launched next September (read more).

A law degree at BPP will also be significantly cheaper than the one to be offered by the New College of Humanities (NCH), which will next year become the UK’s newest private university. Backed by several celebrity academics including the likes of philosopher AC Grayling and biologist Richard Dawkins, NCH plans to charge students a whopping £18,000 per year (read more).

BPP University College now offers the LLB programmes across six locations comprising Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, London, Manchester and Swindon.