Eversheds scores 100 per cent retention

Eversheds has released a 100 per cent retention rate for its spring 2014 qualifiers, all six of whom will be kept on in newly-qualified (NQ) positions.

The firm maintains an informal spring intake, made up of former paralegals who enrol on its Time to Count scheme. The scheme allows the paralegals to train for 18 months rather than the usual two years, taking into account their previous experience.

For the last three years, Eversheds has retained all of those qualifying in spring, and has maintained relatively high retention rates for its autumn qualifiers too. 

The firm halted its trainee recruitment in 2009 in reaction to the recession, but reopened it in 2010, offering places to all of its 2009 and 2010 intakes (5 March 2010).


Eversheds NQ retention

Spring 2014: 6 of 6 (100 per cent)

Autumn 2013: 38 of 45 (84.5 per cent)

Spring 2013: 7 of 7 (100 per cent)

Autumn 2012: 64 of 76 (84 per cent)

Spring 2012: 7 of 7 (100 per cent)

Autumn 2011: 33 of 38 (87 per cent)