Editor’s weekly: The Sly Dog

If you’re struggling to get back into your studies after the Easter break, I completely understand. My return to work earlier this week was also a bit of a shock to the system especially as we finally kissed goodbye to the longest winter in living memory (well in my memory at least).

Indeed, if your head is currently buried in revision notes or you’re struggling to find a conclusion to that 20,000 word dissertation you should’ve finished weeks ago then check out our latest blog by Legal Hopeful – In Search of Exam Success – which looks at the different characteristics adopted by students during the crucial exam period. I must confess that during my degree I aspired to be the Sly Dog but was more like the Goody-Two-Shoes (read more). Now be honest, which character best describes you?

Elsewhere on Lawyer2B.com, blogger Rajesh Vora’s defence of the GDL has sparked off another heated debate between law and non-law students (read more). I think both sides have stated their cases very well but I am beginning to wonder whether LLB students are fighting a losing battle especially since some of the UK’s greatest lawyers started off life as non-lawyers. Saying that, I thoroughly enjoy reading the comments being posted so keep them coming.

Another debate that’s getting a number of Lawyer2B.com’s users going are the benefits employers gain by hiring “mature” trainees, which was triggered by blogger Mark Pentecost’s article “Hope to Die Before I Get Old” (read more).

Indeed, if you’re passionate about an issue that’s of interest to aspiring lawyers then why not get in touch?


PS –if you want your law ball photos featured in the Summer 2010 issue of Lawyer 2B then send them to corinne.mcpartland@centaur.co.uk by the end of the month – please don’t forget to say which university you’re at and to provide names of the people in the photos.