Editor’s Weekly: Own goal?

If you’re thinking about funding the Legal Practice Course (LPC) yourself you might want to think again. As we reported exclusively yesterday (25 February) London’s leading LPC providers have announced inflation-busting fee hikes.

Those of you thinking of enrolling on the LPC at BPP’s Holborn and Waterloo branches in September 2009 will need to fork out an additional £1,050 thanks to its decsion to hike fees by a whopping 8 per cent to £12,500 (<a href=”http://www.thelawyer.com/cgi-bin/item.cgi?id=136902&d=477&h=479&f=478”>see story</a>).

The College of Law (CoL) and Kaplan Law School (the London arm of Nottingham Law School) aren’t much cheaper and plan to charge £11,250 and £11,500 respectively for the 2009/10 academic year.

BPP declined to comment on the move whereas CoL put it down to a number of factors including its investment in e-learning. Kaplan was equally vague in its justification and claimed that it understood the pressures students face but was trying to balance that with its commitment to quality.

Although many will view the price hikes as greed on part of the providers I do have some sympathy. As the recruitment market for trainee solicitors begins to look more shaky than ever before, the likes of Peter Crisp and Giles Proctor must be having sleepless nights.

But have they scored an own goal? In light of the increased fees and the state of the legal market I know that if I hadn’t secured sponsorship for the LPC I would decide against funding the course myself. Let’s just hope the move doesn’t put too many of you off as well.

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