Editor’s weekly: Master of your own destiny

In recent years a new breed of Master’s degrees has emerged. Historically, the preserve of universities Master’s programmes are now being offered by an increasing number of LPC providers such as BPP Law School and the College of Law.

As we report today BPP has teamed up with SJ Berwin to launch a Master’s in Law and Business for the firm’s future trainees, commencing September 2009 (see story). Such courses are looking to move away from the academic study of law to provide a more practice-focused approach. They are aimed at prospective and practising lawyers who are looking either to develop knowledge and skills in new areas of law or enhance their knowledge and skills in familiar areas of law.

Though some law firm recruitment teams are ambivalent towards Master’s qualifications there are obvious career benefits to enrolling on one, especially in the current market where training contract and paralegal opportunities are diminishing fast. For instance, there’s no doubt that a Master’s indicates higher academic achievement. What’s more by improving your knowledge in a particular area of law you will be able to demonstrate greater interest in it.

So, though the idea of spending even more time with your head buried in books doesn’t sound appealing further study may be just the ticket to ride out the recession.