Editor’s weekly: Law for all?

Cost is one of the biggest barriers to breaking into the legal profession. And with university course fees expected to skyrocket it’s going to become practically impossible for many of you to train as a lawyer without breaking the bank.

It’s therefore hardly surprising that the College of Law’s (CoL) plans to launch a two-year LLB costing a whopping £18,000 has not been well received by many of Lawyer2B.com users (read more).

Indeed, this latest move by CoL makes me further question how the LPC-provider can continue to justify its charity status. What’s more it makes a complete mockery of the endless comments made by its chief executive Nigel Savage about how more needs to be done to make law more accessible to students from less privileged backgrounds.

As one poster put it: “Nigel Savage likes to harp on about diversity, tailoring legal education to suit today’s needs blah blah blah but at this cost it is absolutely ridiculous!”

Granted some LLBs are overly academic and are therefore not as well placed to properly equip students for practice but it is unfair for Savage to paint all LLBs with the same brush especially when CoL is itself yet to develop a reputation in the undergraduate market.

For instance, as another poster explained: “I’d be amazed if any decent firms took on students with College of Law LLBs over decent Russell Group candidates … irrespective of the ’great practical experience’ etc etc that the CoL course will allegedly give.”

Indeed, as pioneering as CoL’s LLB might sound I don’t think the heads of the UK’s top law faculties are going to be quaking in their boots just yet.