Editor’s weekly: Knowledge is power

Although I returned home from work utterly exhausted yesterday I managed to squeeze out enough energy to have a heated discussion with my husband about the lack of quality careers advice on offer to students at state secondary schools.

What sparked our debate was Lawyer 2B’s third annual sixth form careers day, which concluded yesterday (10 March) and was for the record a complete triumph (read more).

My husband, who is a secondary school teacher, conceded that a lot more needs to be done to ensure students have access to decent careers advice because only then will the really bright ones who might otherwise slip through the system aim higher. But with finite resources he argued that this is easier said then done.

That’s why initiatives such as Lawyer 2B’s two-day Year 12 careers conference are so important. As I pointed out during one of the Q&A sessions access to information is arguably the most powerful weapon the youngsters attending yesterday and Tuesday’s event have at their disposal. Indeed, even the trainees and BPP student reps that helped us out at the careers day kept saying how useful if would’ve been if they had the opportunity to attend something similar when they were doing their A Levels.

Indeed, given that some of the delegates didn’t even know the difference between a solicitor and barrister I’m pretty confident that they would’ve left the careers day with a much better understanding of the legal profession and more importantly how to break into it.