Editor’s weekly: Fitting the mould

Our latest question of the week really struck a chord with me. During the vacation schemes I completed with two leading City law firms I too found myself surrounded by Oxbridge students.

Initially, it felt like I had absolutely nothing in common with my fellow schemers and at times I really struggled to fit in. Indeed, I started to wonder what place was there for a female student, born in Bangladesh and brought up in Luton, in a prestigious City law firm? And just as I was about to throw the towel in I managed to convince myself that I was just as good as any public-school educated Oxbridge student (incidentally, they weren’t all bad and years later some of them are still very good friends with me).

Thankfully, diversity is playing a much bigger role within City law firms’ graduate recruitment programmes so situations like the one described above are becoming less common. That said, if you are finding it difficult to fit in then as some of our posters have advised concentrate on making a good impression on the lawyers you’re working with rather than the other students.

But what about advice for some of the Oxbridge students who are guilty of making their fellow schemers feel left – well I’d tell them to think more carefully about how their behaviour may be impacting on others. After all, being overly confident is never going to win anyone favours in the long-term.


PS – it’s 1 July today so the race is now on to get those dreaded training contract application forms in as most firms set 31 July as the closing date