Editor’s weekly: cheque your language

Top marks to those of you who spotted the deliberate typo in the headline of today’s Editor’s Weekly.

As a lawyer turned journalist, spelling and grammar are something I care about passionately. So you can probably guess my reaction when I woke up this morning to an email from a law student seeking work experience with me, which was written entirely in text speak.

It isn’t just me who is worried about some students’ poor grasp of English basics such as how to spell definite and separate or when to use an apostrophe. Some law schools such as the College of Law and BPP Law School are so concerned they have incorporated spelling and grammar tests into their course materials.

Lawyer2B.com has therefore decided to give students a helping hand and has created its very own spelling and grammar test. If you want to have a go at the test then CLICK here.

Elsewhere, Bristol-based TLT Solicitors has caused a storm after deciding to ignore the SRA’s voluntary conduct rule, which prevents law firms from offering training contracts to penultimate year students until 1 September (see story). The idea behind the rule is to prevent students from being forced into making a decision before they have had all their interviews. This is exactly the predicament the student from our question of the week has found himself in (read question).

With this in mind do you think what TLT has done is inappropriate, especially because the vast majority of leading law firms respect the rule? I’d love to hear your views.

By the way this is my last newsletter until 3 September so have a great summer – well at least what’s left of it.

Happy holidays.