DWF retains record number of trainees

DWF has announced that it will keep on 32 of 46 of its qualifying trainees this autumn, a 70 per cent retention rate.

The qualifying cohort of 2013 is the firm’s largest ever, by some considerable margin, as a result of several mergers and the acquisition of the majority of failed firm Cobbetts in February this year (4 February 2013). Previously, DWF had taken over Newcastle’s Crutes in Janaury 2012 (25 November 2011), merged with Buller Jeffries of Coventry three months later (2 April 2012) and acquired Scottish firm Biggart Baillie in July (7 June 2012).

There are now currently 95 trainees working across the firm’s various offices but the 70 per cent retention figure is a sharp drop on recent years, when DWF has tended to post extremely strong results.

It recorded 100 per cent retention in both 2009 and 2011, keeping on all 16 of its qualifiers on both occasions. In 2010 it retained 17 of 19 and last year it kept on 16 of 20.