DWF pilots video interviews for applicants

DWF has incorporated video interviews into its recruitment process in an attempt to increase the number of candidates it sees.

So far, the video interviews have only been used for the firm’s 2014 vacation scheme recruitment. They are automated – applicants are given a fixed amount of time to answer pre-set questions – completed at the candidate’s convenience, and are only a few minutes in length. The interviews take place in the early stage of the recruitment process, once the initial application form has been sent in. The application form and video are then considered in the round, with successful candidates invited for a traditional interview in person.

“We are just looking at creative ways to make sure we see as many candidates as possible,” DWF graduate recruitment partner James Szerdy told Lawyer 2B. “There’s only so much you can tell from a written application form. This gives us access to greater numbers and gives applicants the chance to put their best foot forward.” Szerdy estimates that video interviews allow the firm to see about twice as many people as previously.

“It’s still too early to have empirical evidence on whether it has been a success, but our initial impression is that it has worked well,” he added.