DWF lawyers to prepare John Moores graduates for career in law

DWF has teamed-up with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) to prepare law students for their future careers.

As part of the university’s World of Work (WoW) programme, volunteers from the North West firm’s Liverpool office aim to pass on their skills, knowledge and experience to the aspiring lawyers.

The WoW programme is unique to LJMU and is aimed at giving graduates access to key skills and one-on-one careers advice.

DWF professional and client development lawyer Simon Price said: “We want to help students maximise their potential by developing key skills such as self awareness, ability to identify where strengths and weaknesses lie, and start to think strategically about their career development.

“In a highly competitive marketplace, graduates need more than just good qualifications to stand out from their peers,” he added.

The project has attracted interest from around 20 solicitors from DWF’s Liverpool office, with 17 due to coach the first cohort of students this year.

DWF intends to maintain a long-term relationship with the university through the project.