Disadvantaged students told ‘bar is open to all’

The Bar Council, Law Society and the Institute of Legal Executives (Ilex) have hosted an event for students from disadvantaged backgrounds in a bid to introduce them to the idea of a career in law.

The three bodies invited 60 students from low-income households aged 14 to 15 to the event, which took the form of a series of workshops. The aspiring lawyers were given information on the different routes of entry and the qualifications required for a career in the legal profession.

The students also got the opportunity to watch a mock trial heard by circuit judge Her Honour Judge Downing.

Bar Council vice-chair Michael Todd QC said: “It was a really useful and interesting day. It gave us an opportunity to broaden horizons but also stress to the students that it isn’t going to be easy getting into a career in law. They’ll need to play their part by working hard at school.”

Todd added: “Through initiatives like [this], the Bar Council wishes to deliver one key message: the bar is open to all.”