Dentons doubles pro bono hour targets

Dentons has doubled its pro bono hours annual target from 50 to 100 hours for lawyers in its London and Milton Keynes offices.

Charities and projects which the firm supports in a pro bono capacity include City Gateway, Help for Heroes, HIV/AIDS Alliance, The Naked Heart Foundation, the Poplaw Legal Advice Clinic, UNICEF and the Whitechapel Mission.

Head of London CSR partner Matthew Harvey said: “We have had the 50-hour target in place for a number of years now. Many firms are only just beginning to do that but we have done it for a while and we thought it was time we revisited it. We decided we should up it to 100: it seemed to make perfect sense to do so.

“Some lawyers go out to projects and some find it more difficult to leave their desks, so will do pro bono work that can be done from the office and suits them better.”