Dear law firm, can you fix it for me …

Many students talk of the ‘ideal law firm.’ Does it exist? Or is it merely an unrealistic manifestation of a law student’s hopes and aspirations?

Personally, I believe that many top law firms do offer an ideal working environment. Speaking off the back of a lengthy history of part time work, I feel it is important for firms to provide trainees with responsibility early on in a job in order to keep them motivated. Appreciating that your work is contributing to achievement on a level which is more than negligible and feeling you are noticeably benefiting the firm would, I believe, encourage one to produce work of the highest calibre. If a firm has hired somebody, they should trust that individual to shoulder responsibility from the word go.

The ideal firm should provide opportunities for their employees to move forward. Being encouraged to take on more responsibility, broaden the types of work undertaken, and perhaps one day make partner also motivate employees to maintain a consistently strong work ethic.

Despite attaining qualifying law degrees and having passed examinations in numerous and contrasting types of law, trainees are often at a loss as to what legal sector they wish to forge a career in. For this reason, my ideal law firm would offer more than one ‘seat’ over a number of sectors during training. This way, trainees gain a better idea of where they wish to specialise, not throwing them in the deep end as such. Many top firms offer this and those with more variety in areas of training set themselves apart from others.

The opportunity to work internationally is key for my ideal firm. I harbour an unyielding belief that broadening horizons and learning hands-on about different cultures and practices within a field can only stand to benefit an individual in both the long and short term. Having the chance to work abroad is something I have always been interested in, and I’m sure this also speaks on behalf of others.

To summarise, my ideal law firm is one which focuses on quality of work rather than quantity, one which offers their employees opportunity to make contributions towards the firms achievements and growth, and one which also provides an enjoyable and challenging working environment.