Corrected Bar Council figures show 40 per cent drop in tenancies in single year

The Bar Council and Bar Standards Board have re-released tenancy figures, after human error caused the two bodies to release the wrong statistics as part of their annual Bar Barometer report for 2014.

The corrected statistic shows that the number of tenancies dropped by 38 per cent in a single year, from 541 newly-registered places in 2010/11 to 335 in 2011/12.

The original figure showed that the number of tenancies stood at 194, a drop of 64 per cent in a single year, a fact quickly picked up by the legal media and Twitter (4 April 2014).

The Bar Council apologised for the mistake at the time of the report’s release in April, stating: “The recently published Bar Barometer listed the number of new tenancies for 2011/12 as 194. This figure is incorrect. We are in the process of confirming the final figure, but current indications are that it will be more closely aligned with previous years.

“We are seeking to understand how this error occurred and are looking at related statistics which may require amendment as a result. We will issue a further update as soon as we can and apologise for this mistake.”

There has not yet been an update from the body as to whether the original report contained further mistakes.

The incident is not the first time in recent years that the Bar Council has been forced to apologise over releasing incorrect figures. In September 2012, it submitted incorrect figures to the Ministry of Justice in support of its proposals to abolish the Legal Services Board.

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