CoL teams up with IE University Madrid to offer Spanish and English qualification

The College of Law (CoL) and Madrid’s IE University are launching an LLB in both civil and common law.

Completion of the programme will see candidates able to practise law in both Spanish and English and Welsh jurisdictions.

Students will qualify from the initial three years of the course with an LLB recognised in England and Wales. They will then study either the LPC at one of the CoL’s eight UK sites or the BPTC at Bloomsbury or Birmingham for a further year, completing the IE LLB and resulting in them being able to practise law in the UK and Spain

The programme aims to cater for the growing demand for international legal advice, costs €18,000 per year and will be taught in English at IE University’s Segovia and Madrid campuses and online via CoL compulsory LLB modules on the foundations of English law.

Soledad Atienza, director of IE University’s LLB and co-chair of the academic committee of the International Bar Association says: “The sector is increasingly demanding professionals that can practise in more than one jurisdiction, particularly when one is a common law jurisdiction and the other follows the civil law tradition.”

Nigel Savage

Professor Nigel Savage, chief executive of the CoL said: “We share a commitment to developing ground-breaking forms of undergraduate legal education drawing on the civil law heritage of Spain and the common law heritage with which we are familiar.”

Earlier this year the CoL announced a tie-up with the Singapore Institute of Legal Education heralding its first foray into the legal education market in Asia. (31 May 2012)