CoL moves scholarship deadline by a month

The College of Law (CoL) has extended the application deadline for its brand new scholarship programme due to student’s struggling to make submissions within the time limit.

The deadline for submissions for the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and Legal Practice Course (LPC) scholarships will now be 14 March 2012, giving aspiring lawyers an extra month to prepare their essays (2 November 2011).

In a statement from the CoL a spokesperson said: “We’ve received a large amount of interest in the schemes from students and over the past few weeks have been asked for short extensions to the deadline due to time constraints caused by their exams and course work.”

The levels of interest have been calculated from the number of downloads of the scholarship guidance notes from CoL’s website, which currently has reached above 900.

The news follows the CoL boosting its legal course fees by up to 5 per cent in London, with the GDL and LPC costing would-be lawyers up to £9,310 and £13,180 respectively (19 January 2012).