CoL cancels JD course after low student enrolment

Future College of Law (CoL) students have had their hopes of pursuing the American dream dashed after the law school’s shock decision to cancel its New York Bar programme before it even got off the ground.

The course revealed in September 2010 and set to run for the first time in June this year, was removed from the CoL’s bulging portfolio for 2011 due to low student enrolment.

A spokesperson from the CoL said in a statement: “We initially planned to offer the ‘US Gateway’ in 2011 for students who had already commenced or completed their studies with the college. However this proved to be difficult to manage,”

“While we had lots of interest in the course, we weren’t able to recruit enough students to make it worthwhile running it and bringing in the professors from Northwestern University School of Law to teach the modules.”

The US Gateway programme, now set to run from June 2012 for 26-weeks at a cost of £12,500, will be marketed as the final part of a three-year programme, rather than just as a top up course, encompassing the Graduate Diploma in Law, the Legal Practice Course (LPC)/Bar Professional Training course (BPTC) and the US Gateway.

Those who successfully complete the extended course will be awarded a US-style CoL Juris Doctor (JD) professional degree in law and be eligible to sit the New York Bar Exams.

To take part in the full three-year programme, students would need to fork out in total between £33,920 to £36,745, depending on whether they choose to pursue the LPC or BPTC.