CoL boosts legal course fees by up to 5 per cent

The College of Law (CoL) has hiked its Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) fees by almost £800, up to £16,140 for London students starting September 2012.

The law school giant has increased fees across its bulging portfolio by an average of five per cent in London and three per cent in the regions, raising its Legal Practice Course (LPC) and Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) fees up by a maximum of £13,180 and £9,310 respectively. Currently the fees in London are £12,550 and £8,870.

However BPP Law School (BPP) remains the most expensive professional legal course provider, after upping its BPTC and LPC fees to £16,540 and £13,550 respectively in London for the next academic year (30 November 2011).

BPP also boosted its GDL fees by £450, up from £8,950 to £9,400.

Kaplan Law School also announced fee rises. Its LPC will cost £12,850 and its BPTC fee will be £15,800 for 2012 starters.

Meanwhile, City Law School, which charges £12,250 and £16,000 for the LPC and BPTC respectively, will announce 2012-13 figures early next year.

The news follows the publication of the Bar Standards Board’s (BSB) Bar Barometer yesterday (18 January), which revealed a further drop in pupillage numbers by three per cent. (18 January 2011).