CoL avoids compulsory job cuts

Tutors at the College of Law (CoL) have dodged a bullet after the law school decided against any compulsory redundancies.

Following a redundancy consultation launched earlier this year that threatened 20 full-time jobs, the CoL has offered the option for existing staff to relocate, reduce hours or take voluntary redundancy.

In a statement from the CoL a spokesperson said: “A review of our tutor staffing requirements identified the need for a rebalancing of teaching jobs across our centres.

“The process was completed entirely through voluntary measures – tutors moving between centres, reductions in hours and voluntary redundancies – and there was thankfully no need for any compulsory redundancies.”

The shock move to introduce a redundancy programme for teaching staff came after the college found that its eight centres were either overstaffed or understaffed (read more).

The rebalancing exercise affected CoL’s centres in Birmingham, Bristol, Chester, Guildford, London, Manchester and York, which have a total of 850 members of staff.

In summer 2009, CoL’s arch-rival BPP Law School also made teaching staff redundant. But its programme only affected 11 tutors in Manchester (read more).