CMS livens up law fair season with virtual reality headsets

CMS has introduced virtual reality headsets to its recruitment campaigns in an attempt to liven up its presence on campus.

Students will be able put on a pair of Samsung Gear virtual reality googles and step into a 3D immersive experience.

Following its move into new offices earlier this year CMS took the opportunity to refresh its brand and came up with the theme of ’Welcome to the modern law firm’, with the goggles reflecting this.

A spokesperson from the firm’s marketing agency, Hodes, said that 3D experiences  “only really work well when the user is immersed in an exciting experience; and something they wouldn’t be doing on a day-to-day basis,” and so CMS has created two videos: a helicopter ride across London, and a drive round a race track in a Ferrari.

The supporting materials explain how this relates to CMS, with the helicopter ride showcasing the various different sectors and industries that the firm works across, and the race track experience highlighting CMS’s win for Ferrari against McClaren in the ‘Spygate’ litigation.

CMS virtual reality
CMS’s virtual reality goggles made their debut at Aberdeen on Monday.

The goggles won’t be on show at law firms but will be go to 11 universities across the country the autumn, where CMS will be situated in areas with high footfall such as student unions. They debuted at Aberdeen University on Monday, visited Edinburgh and Dundee this week, and will also be seen at Glasgow, Strathclyde, Nottingham, UCL, Bristol, Imperial, Warwick and the LSE. 

It’s not the first time CMS has embraced new technology in its student recruitment. In 2003, Lawyer 2B reported that the firm was one of the first to use text messaging to keep in touch with its future recruits.

Last year’s law fair innovation came from Berwin Leighton Paisner, which pioneered ‘sound showers’ that allowed students to step on a pressure pad, triggering audio from overhead speakers of a trainee talking about their day.

CMS’s free handout last year was a packet of playing cards, which got the thumbs-down in Lawyer 2B’s round-up of the best freebies of 2014.