Clifford Chance trainee faces the sack after Oxford video appearance

A Clifford Chance trainee may lose his training contract after a video appeared online, showing him describing his work in the City as “f***ing people over for money”.

The trainee, whose name is not currently known, was interviewed by Oxford student paper Cherwell, as part of its TV channel offering. The programme, entitled Shark Tales, is dedicated to interviewing students in the early hours of the morning so as to demonstrate “drunken wisdom”.

The trainee, who appears at 4 minutes, 14 seconds in the video, is just one of many revellers interviewed by student journalist Toby Mather.

The trainee talked of his being a “City lad” and added: “I f***ing love the ladness.” He then explains: ”The ladness is just basically f***ing people over for money.”

However, the trainee seems to think better of his remarks and states: “I refuse my consent for this to go on the internet and I will sue you if it goes on.”

After being notified that one of their trainees had made the appearance, a Clifford Chance spokesperson said: “The comments made are inappropriate and they are at odds with our principles and the professional standards we espouse as a firm. One of our trainee lawyers is the subject of our formal disciplinary procedures which may result in termination of the training contract with the firm”.

A full transcript of the recording is below.

Trainee: “I’m a City lad and I f***ing love the ladness. I love the City.”

Interviewer: “The ladness?”

Trainee: “I love the ladness and I love the City, so I’m basically a perfect City lad.”

Interviewer: “What is the ladness?”

Trainee: “The ladness is just basically f***ing people over for money.”

Interviewer: “F***ing people over for money?

Trainee: “Yeah.”