City Law School hires dean from Reading Uni

City Law School has appointed a new dean. Carl Stychin has joined from the University of Reading, where he was dean of economic and social sciences and pro vice-chancellor.

Stychin’s chief area of research is the legal construction and regulation of sexual and gender identities. At the moment he is analysing the relationship between public service provision in the Big Society and the right to equality.

He says: “It is an exciting time for the university as it embarks upon an ambitious strategic plan to encourage everyone to achieve their full potential, to push up the league tables and increase recognition as a top destination.”

Speaking about competition from private providers of legal education he reasoned: “There’s tough competition out there, no doubt it. But that competition is across the board, on the BPTC, the LPC and academic courses. With the hike in tuition fees students expect more. I don’t think we can be afraid of competition – we have to be proud of what we offer. We have a great tradition but we can’t be complacent.”

He added: “I’m fortunate to come in on a solid foundation and there is lots I can do. First and foremost is focusing on research but also programme development at LLM level.”