Chris Grayling wins award for his time as justice secretary

Chris Grayling has won an award from a diversity organisation, covering his stint as Secretary of State for Justice.

The Patchwork Foundation named him “Conservative MP of the Parliamentary Term 2010-2015” in its MP of the Year awards. The foundation recognises MPs’ work for under-represented, deprived and minority communities.

Grayling was Minister of State for Employment from 2010 until 2012 before replacing Ken Clarke as Lord Chancellor and justice secretary from 2012 until the election earlier this year.

During his time in the justice department he was widely castigated by the legal profession as he implemented a series of cuts to legal aid, with barristers striking in protest. He was also portrayed as a supervillain cartoon character in a video highlighting the effects of austerity cuts on the justice system.

He was replaced by Michael Gove after the Conservative Party won an overall majority in May.

Ed Miliband won the Labour MP of the Parliamentary Term award.