Camerons picks CoL over BPP as exclusive LPC provider

CMS Cameron McKenna has ditched BPP Law School (BPP) in favour of the College of Law (CoL) as its exclusive course provider for future trainees.

simon pilcher

Simon Pilcher

The top 20 law firm has formed the new partnership to support the launch of an International Legal Practice Course (LPC), which will be the first professional law course to focus on the global legal services market.

Camerons’ graduate recruitment partner Simon Pilcher explained that the firm ran an extensive tender process through oral presentations and written submissions from both law schools, and visits to monitor classes.

He said: “What tipped the balance in CoL favour was that they were launching this new course. We were very happy and confident that they would provide us with excellent training going forward.

“We haven’t moved from BPP because of any dissatisfaction with their courses. They were very closely matched in the tender process.” 

The new course, due to launch in September 2013, is going to be designed by CoL and Camerons, while adopting CoL’s corporate LPC and international Masters programme.

The CoL’s step towards a global approach arrives just one week after the news of its sale to Montagu Private Equity (17 April 2012).

CoL Chief executive Nigel Savage said at the time that it is planned that CoL will become a global law school and that a physical presence within the global market could develop in the next few years. The focus at the moment is to continue to attract overseas students to the UK while looking for global tie-up opportunities.

The new International LPC is subject to validation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

BPP was unavailable for comment.